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My name is Sarah Stahl



Phone: 586-524-1481

Professional info

I'm originally from Tennessee now living with my family in Michigan. My husband and I have three incredible kids; Noah 15, Emmalyn 12  and William 9. I'm the daughter of a life long artist John Wilbourn. At a very young age I observed and absorbed my father's joy of painting and carving. As a wife, mother, youth group teacher and writer I have been given the time and flexibility to expresses my passion through Painting an drawing. My children are my biggest fans and encouragers. They even go so far as offer constructive criticism and critique. Most importantly, I'm thankful to God for the gift of being apart of so many live through portrait paintings. I have the privilege of learning and loving them from afar. 


Painting Portraits of animals and humans, individuals or groups.



landscapes and seascapes

2010 - present
2010 - present
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